Beneficial Foundation

We give financially to nonprofit organizations that provide programs that strengthen our communities.

The Beneficial Foundation mission

Beneficial Bank has been making a difference in the communities of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas including Southern New Jersey for generations.

This commitment is strengthened with the establishment of the Beneficial Foundation. Our Foundation is focused on funding community development programs that support children and families in crisis. Additionally, the Foundation believes that the education of our youth is our future and special emphasis will be given to educational, after school and early childhood development programs.

We are always looking for new programs and initiatives to support.

As part of our commitment to build stronger communities, our foundation focuses on 3 major areas.

Proposal guidelines

Please include a concise (1-2 pages) letter on your organization’s letterhead describing your mission and plan for the funds. Include information on the population that your organization serves, including geographic location, socioeconomic status, demographics and how this population will benefit from the project or grant, including appropriate backup material, (i.e., budget, schedules, population reached, proposed outcome/solutions, etc).

If your organization has received financial support from us in the past, a brief update would be appreciated. Please also include:

The Foundation will fund only 501(c) (3) organizations.

There will be no funding to political or fraternal organizations or individuals.

Organizations will not be considered automatically for funding the following year. Proposals with updated attachments will need to be submitted.

In some cases, site visits may be scheduled before funding decisions are made.

We would welcome updates on other matters the nonprofit deems important.

The Foundation's primary target areas are the communities in which Beneficial Bank operates.

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