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It's Simple Math
Your Beneficial Visa® Debit Card plus your signature equals BankThanks Rewards points...redeemable for a Beneficial Visa® Gift Card or cash!

Just use your debit card for everyday purchases, choose to sign instead of using your PIN, and you'll earn one point for every $3 you spend. It all adds up to a much smarter debit card.

Redeeming your rewards points is easy:
Beneficial Visa® Gift Card
A great way to turn your points into...almost anything! They can be used just like a credit card or debit card, and there are no fees.*
Prefer cash? We offer you the option to redeem your rewards points for cash to be applied directly to your Beneficial account. It's like getting paid back for purchases you'd be making anyway!

*For balance, fee and service information, please call 888.742.5272, visit or ask a representative at any of our convenient locations.

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