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Service Alert: Due to maintenance our Personal and Business Online Banking and Mobile platforms will be down on February 17, 2019 between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. ET and on February 24, 2019 between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. ET

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Beneficial’s new Business Online and Mobile Banking platform has been upgraded with more robust offerings for all of your banking and Cash Management needs. The upgraded system is powered by award-winning technology and industry leading security.





The Dashboard setup tool is displayed when you log into Business Online Banking for the first time. Recommended panels will already be selected for you. You can add or remove many other panels as well.

Move a Panel

To move a Panel, simply click and hold the top bar and drag it to the desired location. Other panels will adjust to fit.

Add a Panel

  1. Click "Add Info Panels".
  2. Browse through available panels.
  3. To add desired panel, select "Add Now".
  4. The new button will appear on the Welcome Page.

Delete a Panel

NOTE: Some panels, such as the Recent Alerts & Messages panel, are not removable.

  1. Click the down arrow in the top right corner of the panel window
  2. Click "Delete this panel".





Viewing and Managing Messages

This panel allows you to view communications regarding account activity. NOTE: Mandatory Alerts will also be automatically sent to the primary email address for the business.

  1. Click "Received Mail and Alerts" from the Recent Alerts and Messages panel.
  2. You can then click on the message to open and view.
  3. You can reply to this message or delete it as necessary.

Viewing and Managing Alerts

Maintaining Alerts are the same for each type of alert.

  1. Click "Manage Alerts" from the navigation on the left side of the page or from the Received Mail and Alerts panel on the Welcome page.
  2. The available alerts for the selected account and the selected alert type appear.
  3. You can change the account by selecting a different account in the drop down list or by using the search link next to the drop down list.
  4. You can change the alert type by selecting a different tab at the top of the page.
  5. Click "Add" on the desired Alert in order to add it.
  6. To change an alert, click "Change" on the alert line. Additional fields specific to the alert appear.
  7. Select the email address the alerts should be sent to (either primary or secondary as set up in Personal Preferences).
  8. Click "Save Alert", or click "Do Not Save Alert" as appropriate.









Create a User

  1. From the Administration tab, click Manage Users in the Company Administration section.
  2. Click "Create New User".
  3. Complete required fields and and click "Continue".
  4. The New User – Roles page appears. Here you can select if you would like to copy another users entitlements or create a user with unique entitlements.
  5. Check the boxes next to the User Roles you want to assign to the New User then click "Continue" and the New User- Services & Accounts page will appear.
  6. Select the services you want to enable and accounts you want to entitle to the user.
  7. Click "Continue".
  8. If applicable The New User – ACH Limits page appears.
  9. Set the "ACH Daily Maximum Limit", "ACH Daily Maximum Service Limits", and "ACH Account Limits".
  10. Click "Continue". The New User - Wire Limits page appears.
  11. Set the "Wire Daily Maximum Limit", "Wire Daily Maximum Service Limits", and "Wire Account Limits".
  12. Click "Continue". The "New User – Verification" page appears.
  13. Review the information on this page and click "Submit".
  14. New User confirmation page appears.

Delete or Modify a User

  1. From the User Administration Page, click the ID of the user you wish to modify.
  2. To delete select "Delete User".
  3. To make changes, select the "Edit" button associated with the item you would like to modify.
  4. If you’d like to edit limits, go to the Limits panel on the User Profile Page.
  5. Select "Edit" next to the item you would like to limit.









How to Generate a Report

  1. From the "Reports" tab, select the type of report you would like to obtain,such as Deposit Accounts, Deposit Reports or Loan Reports.
  2. From here fill out the required fields and any others you would like for your report such as how you’d like it to be exported, the accounts you would like to include, and the date range.
  3. Once all the desired and required fields have been completed, select "Generate Report".
  4. You will then have the option to save the report. To view all saved reports, select "Manage Saved Reports" from the Reports tab or from the left side navigation with in the Reports page.
  5. From here you can view and delete your reports.








Making Internal/External Transfers

  1. From the Transfers and Payments tab, click Transfer Money-Internal/External in the respective section.
  2. Complete the fields and click "Continue". Verify the transfer and click "Transmit".
  3. If you wish to put the transmission on hold for later or a user does not have permission to submit a transfer, the user can click "Submit for Approval" to save the transmission for later.
  4. To approve a transfer, select "Approve Transfers – Internal/External".
  5. Select the check box next to the request you wisht to approve. Click "Continue".
  6. The Verify Transfer Approval page will appear, review your transfers, and select "Transmit" and a confirmation page will appear.

Delete Internal/External Transfers

  1. Select the desired "Approve Transfers" page within the Transfers and Payments tab.
  2. Select the "From Account" of the account transfer you would like to delete.
  3. Select "Delete Request" and confirm that you would like to delete request.




multi transfer




Multiple Account Transfer

  1. From the Transfer and Payments tab and select "Transfer Money/Manage Templates".
  2. Click "Add a Template".
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Click "Add Template" to complete the transfer setup.
  5. A confirmation page will appear.

NOTE: If you have assigned multiple approvals for Templates, the next step would require approving.




loan payment




Requesting a Loan Payment

  1. From the Transfers and Payments tab select "Manage Loans".
  2. Click the drop-down action menu and select "Make Payment".
  3. Specify the account the payment is coming from, the amount, the frequency, and then click "Continue".
  4. Choose to pay the loan now by selecting "Pay Now" and a confirmation of your selection will appear.
  5. If "Submit for Approval" was chosen then the loan payment would need to be transmitted by selecting the Transmit link.








Create ACH Payment Template

  1. Click "Make ACH Payment/Manage Templates" located in the ACH section of the Transfer and Payments Page.
  2. Click "Create a Template".
  3. Complete the required fields on the Add Template page and click "Continue".
  4. Complete the required fields on the Template Destination Accounts page.
  5. For each additional destination account click "Add Additional Detail Row.
  6. Click "Save Template" and a confirmation page will appear.

NOTE: If you have assigned multiple approvals for Templates, the next step would require approval.




one time




Setting up a One Time ACH Payment

  1. Click "Make ACH Payment / Manage Template" from the Transfers and Payments tab.
  2. Click "Send Money without a Template".
  3. Complete the fields as required and click "Continue".

Note: If a Template name is used the Template will be saved for future use.

  1. Complete the fields as required and click "Continue".
  2. Click "Transmit" to approve and transmit the request. A confirmation page will appear.
  3. Click "Submit for Approval" to submit the Template into the Approve ACH Transaction queue. The Payment Confirmation page appears.
  4. Note: If Submit for approval is used, the ACH Transmit task needs to be completed to transmit the payment.








Upload an ACH Transaction File

  1. In the Navigation Menu, click "Transfers and Payments", and Upload ACH Transactions. The Upload ACH Transaction Files page is displayed.
  2. Click "Browse" button next to the File location field. The Choose File Dialog box is displayed.
  3. Locate the file to upload and click "Open". The file path is included in the File location.
  4. Click "Upload File". When the transfer is complete, the File Upload Status/Approve Files page appears.

Note: The file format and integrity are verified to ensure compliance with NACHA standards.

  1. If your file was not rejected, click "Continue".
  2. If authorized, click the "Transmit". A confirmation page will appear.

NOTE: If you have assigned multiple approvals for Templates, the next step would require approval.


wire transfer




Entering a one time wire transfer

  1. Click "Wire Money" in the Wire section of the Transfers and Payments tab.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Select "Continue".
  4. Enter recipient information. Enter any Intermediary Information, Second Intermediary Information and Wire Initiator Information if necessary and click "Continue".
  5. Verify information is accurate, click "Transmit or Submit" for approval (if approvals are required). The Wire Confirmation page appears.




wire temp




Adding a Wire Template

  1. In the Transfers and Payments navigation tab, click the "Manage Wire Templates" link under the Wire section.
  2. From the Manage Templates page click the "Add a Template" link at the top of the page.
  3. On the Add Wire Template page complete the required fields and click "Continue".
  4. The Add Wire Template page updates to display the Recipient Information section.
  5. Enter the Recipient Information fields.
  6. When complete, click "Add Template". The Wire Template Confirmation page appears.

NOTE: You can edit and delete wires by selecting “Manage Wire Templates” from the Transfers and Payments tab. From here select the Wire Template you would like to make changes to, and select the action you would like to take on the Wire Template.








Enter an Issue Report

  1. From the "Account Services" tab select "Enter Issues".
  2. Select the account and complete the required fields.
  3. Verify content by clicking "Continue".
  4. Review the issue items information.
  5. If a correction is required, use the Edit Item link for a single item.
  6. To add or approve the issue item, use the action areas located on the bottom of the page.

Import an Issue Report

  1. The File Import process consists of selecting a File Import Definition and importing a Check Issue File. File Import Definitions outline the formats for the imported files.


POSITIVE PAY exceptions




Positive Pay Manage Exceptions

  1. Located under the Account Services tab is the Positive Pay Manage Exceptions link.
  2. The first section, Check Exceptions Awaiting Approval, lists check exception items that have a decision assigned but are waiting for an approval.
  3. Exceptions without a checkbox have already been approved by the Primary User.
  4. Select the checkbox to approve and click Continue, which is located on the bottom of the page.
  5. Below the Checks Exceptions Awaiting Approval section is the Check Exception Awaiting Decision area.
  6. To address each exception individually, click the checkbox and use the drop down list to select the decision.
  7. The final area on this page is ACH Exceptions Awaiting Approval and/or Decision. The user may address both the decision and approval right from this area.



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