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Solar Lending Now
There is a greener future ahead. A solar energy system and Beneficial financing can make it a present-day reality.

The State Of Solar Energy

In this age of spiraling energy costs and declining energy resources the interest in renewable energy options has intensified. Among these options, solar power holds the greatest promise. The process of harnessing nature’s sunlight and converting it to usable energy is noiseless, efficient, non-hazardous and pollution free. The technology has taken quantum leaps forward in the past decade. What’s more, today’s low maintenance, long lasting solar power systems produce more energy than they consume.

We’ll Help Make You Part Of It

These encouraging facts have inspired Beneficial Bank to take the lead in providing special solar energy loan packages for residential and commercial customers. Along with the favorable rates and terms we offer, financial incentives are now available from the state and federal governments that could significantly reduce your upfront out-of-pocket costs, accelerate the system’s payback period and make the benefits of a solar energy system a reality.

Who Is Going Solar And Why

There are practical and environmental reasons why growing numbers of homes and businesses are turning to solar energy. They’re as familiar as today’s headlines, and as compelling as the award-winning documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth. With a solar energy system you can help:

  • Reduce your utility bill
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Diversify our energy supply
  • Reduce dependence on imported fuels
  • Improve air quality
  • Offset greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stimulate job growth and economic vitality

The Economic Power Of The Sun

At one time, renewable energy was the choice of only a few forward-thinking pioneers. Not any longer. Solar energy is now a $10.6 billion mainstream industry that grew by 19 percent in 2006 over the previous year. By 2010, growth is predicted to reach $40 billion. Some architects and builders in the area now specialize in “green construction,” with solar panels factored into the design plan right from the beginning.

No less an authority than the U.S. Department of Energy projects the cost of solar energy will rival conventional energy within 10 years. Until then, state and federal incentives, financial grants and low cost loans such as those Beneficial provides make solar much more affordable. And a strong investment for the future.

If you have any questions, need information on financial incentives, or want to request a loan application, contact our Solar Energy Lending Specialist at 215-864-6126.


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