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Determine what loan is right for you by evaluating the rate, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and points.

30 Year Fixed Rate

Rate APR Points
4.125% 4.162% 0.000%

15 Year Fixed Rate

Rate APR Points
3.375% 3.440% 0.000%

30 Year Fixed Rate - Jumbo

Rate APR Points
4.125% 4.151% 0.000%
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Personal Loans*

Smart banking is finding the right loan at the right terms. Whether you're looking for a new car or need a loan with flexible collateral alternatives, our competitive rates and quick approvals can help get you what you need.

*All loan products subject to credit approval.

Planning Tools

Need help planning?

These tools can help you get started.

Beneficial always recommends you consult with your financial and tax advisors.

Unsecured Credit Line

Even if you don’t have collateral, you can borrow from us and still get lower
rates than most credit cards.

*All loan products subject to credit approval.

From the Learning Library

A lot more goes into lending than just money.

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