Your privacy is important to us.

Important Information About Your Privacy and Protecting Your Identity

Fraudulent Automated Messages At Beneficial Bank, securing your personal and account information is extremely important to us. We want to make you aware of fraudulent automated telephone and text messages targeting random customers of Beneficial Bank and other financial institutions requesting their sensitive information.  The call or text indicates that your debit card may be blocked or compromised, and asks you to provide your card number, PIN, security code, and expiration date to rectify the situation.  While these calls or texts may appear to be legitimate messages from Beneficial Bank, please be advised THEY ARE NOT!

What to do if you receive a suspicious automated message asking for sensitive financial information:

  1. Do NOT respond, simply hang up!
  2. Never give passwords, account information, your social security number, or any other private information to anyone who requests this data by phone or email. Remember that if Beneficial Bank calls you, we will never ask you to provide your full credit, debit, or ATM card number, your card PIN, the security code on the back of your card or your online banking login credentials.
  3. Contact us through your local branch or directly at 888.742.5272 (select option 7), or email us at
  4. If you feel that you may have given sensitive information to an imposter posing as Beneficial Bank, call us immediately or go to your local branch so that we can protect your account from fraudulent access.

The security and protection of your personal information is our top priority.  Please continue to be vigilant against these and other types of phishing scams targeting sensitive personal or financial information. 


Corporate Account Takeover (also referred to as CATO) is a type of fraud where criminals gain access to / control of a business' online banking account by stealing employee login credentials.  The stolen credentials are used to initiate fraudulent transactions and steal sensitive information.  Please click here to learn more about CATO and security best practices to protect your online banking account and confidential information.  

Protecting Your Privacy Beneficial Bank wants you to understand the steps we have taken to protect your personal information.

What Does Beneficial Bank Do With Your Personal Information?
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Important Notice About Your Personal Information And Marketing Choices
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Privacy Preferences
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If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 888.742.5272.